“Like probably most people, I did not know the process. I did not know what hospices offered. I was overwhelmed when I realized how much they did. I was amazed when the doctor and other staff members came to our home and spent I-don’t-know-how-much time with my wife and me, assessing what she would be needing and providing preliminary counseling and being very patient in explaining what they could do for us. We found what they could do was far more than just offer emotional support. They also provided substantial physical support. They provided us with a bed and all sorts of other equipment. They had people coming to our home multiple times a week to monitor what was going on and to supervise the taking of medication.
Of course for the caregiver, not to mention the patient, this is a tremendous relief. Most caregivers are in these situations for the first time and we don’t know what’s going on and what we should be doing. And all of the sudden you have this support system and it’s like waving a magic wand.
The Zusman Hospice inpatient unit is not some barren, sterile medical facility or nursing home operation that we think we know of from TV. You go in and it’s a place with large rooms that look out on a lovely garden and such things as a larger refrigerator to keep your favorite foods. There were so many little touches. They know exactly how to shepherd the patient at all stages of an illness and they want to accommodate anything and everything that is reasonable and possible. It just seemed as if the whole world wanted to make her remaining days as comfortable as could be.
Every single thing they touched they touched with professionalism, with understanding, with compassion and overall, with class.”

– Seymour Raiz

– Spouse of a Wexner Hospice patient

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